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Workflows built for you

Our apps and approval options are designed to help you create the workflows that work best for your company. For example, if your company policy requires that your travelers only need to seek approval if the best fare option wasn’t available to begin with, then Locomote will enable you to build that in. This and so much more is available to you with only a few simple clicks.

Manage users effortlessly

Keeping up with changes with staff can be time consuming, and inevitably you find you’ve missed something. Whether the member of staff has just joined the company, is being promoted or is retiring, any changes made in your HR system can automatically be reflected in the Locomote platform.

Integration as it should be

Locomote’s open architecture allows for turn key third party integrations so that you can easily sync and streamline your data. From expense systems to booking platforms we’ve got you covered.

Travel should be personal

Locomote allow employees to personalise the platform to their exact preferences with ease. From seat and meal choices on flights to hotel preferences that conform to your company travel policy. They can also add frequent flyer programs, hotel loyalty programs and other travel-related programs.

Set and control budgets

The cost of business travel is one of the highest spends a company has. Being able to easily manage your company's travel budgets is a welcome change. Thanks to Locomote you can set budgets and policies that can be easily adopted by your staff when they’re planning a business trip. Locomote allows managers to immediately see if the budget will cover the trip before approving it.