Reporting that matters

To make things even easier for your travel manager and your business travellers, you can easily replicate frequent trips and store your travel preferences, streamlining your future bookings using our Locomote “trip templates” app.

Automatic audit reporting

Locomote allows you to record the response times delivered by your travel management company. That way you can make sure your service level agreements are being met. You can also see how quickly your approvers are managing their approval response times in-house. In both cases, the Locomote platform will help you identify ways to streamline your company policies and procedures and, at the same time, reduce costs.

Make decisions backed by real data

Its important to understand your travellers booking behaviour and how that can be improved. Locomote is constantly gathering intelligence on how your company travels. By providing you with this data and insight you can easily find ways to improve your travel programme and discover opportunities where you can cut costs, which is always a good thing.