Increase traveller productivity

To make things even easier for your travel manager and your business travellers, you can easily replicate frequent trips and store your travel preferences, streamlining your future bookings using our Locomote “trip templates” app.

Powerful in-built apps

Locomote comes with a range of powerful apps such as our FBT Calculator, an International Visas app, and a robust Travel Diary allowing users to record all private and business activities. But these are only some of the apps available from Locomote.

Improve traveller safety

Locomote alerts you of any risk related locations and, if you have to go there, provides you with up-to date travel and safety guidance. Locomote also offers an additional approval step for high-risk destinations ensuring that your company complies with all duty-of-care compliance regulations.

Passport and visas control

Even before a booking is submitted, Locomote automatically alerts travellers of passport expiration dates, visa and immunisation requirements. You and your staff can rest assured that all passports, visas and health requirements are valid and up to date.